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Hear traditional Christmas tales in the brand new way, so the Christmas story comes to life like never before!

Christmas Eve - Sunday 24th 


Travelling Home for Christmas

Celebrate the joy of the season with this collection of Christmas classics. Radio Theatre presents O. Henry's Christmas by Injunction and Tolstoy's Russian classic Shoemaker Martin.

Christmas Day - Monday 25th December


A Christmas Box of Delights

Commission Christian Radio in Northern Ireland present three stories told like never before. Twelve people meet every Christmas for a reunion, but for who is the thirteenth chair? Annette always speaks her mind; and her Christmas invitations get some unusual results and Susan's Nativity play is over for another year - but who was the message really for?


Christmas: Shopping or Spirituality?

Amidst the shopping and parties, is December still a moment for a spiritual experience? Do you need to escape the tinsel in search of silence and solitude, or can faith and fairly lights be a good mix? It’s common for people, whether they have a faith or not, to bemoan the over-commercialisation of Christmas. Things Unseen finds out if there are still spiritual experiences to be found at this busy time… and imagines an epic battle between the angel Gabriel and a Santa who’s lost his way…


Christmas Alone Map


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