Gifts of Service

What are the gifts of service and which are the ones God is calling you to use? If that seems like a big question then keep listening as Canon John Twisleton introduces a brand new five-part devotional series exploring those gifts and featuring some inspirational hymns.

Episode 1

In the run up to Christmas Canon John Twistleton explores the divine gifts of service in this five part devotional series beginning with hospitality.

Episode 2

Canon John Twistleton continues his look at God’s gifts of service, this week focusing on the art of listening.

Episode 3

Is there enough slack in your busy life for time to serve when God calls. In the third episode of this series Canon John Twistleton looks at the gift of availability.

Episode 4

Judging where and when to use the talents God has given you is the gift of discernment, explored here by Canon John Twistleton in the penultimate part of this devotional series.

Episode 5

In the final part of Gifts of Service Canon John Twistleton asks how Christians can be more humble.

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