How do you communicate “church” online?What impression does the digital world have of the Church of God - and how is it affecting our ability to share the Gospel online?MARK CROSBY is the Director of communications... More

What is your favourite bible scripture? Could you recite it word for word from memory? With good intentions, many of us will set out to read our bibles more this year - with some of us going as far as... More

John Pantry and Craig Wakeling meet with Managing Director Phil Loose from Integrity music and discuss how technology is shaping sung worship as well as international worship, why songs of substance matter... More

John Pantry and Craig Wakeling in conversation with Lou Fellingham, the singer/songwriter from Brighton,... More

Lorna Simpson is passionate about speaking to young people about knife crime and how if can affect an... More

Dr Sean George had a Cardiac Arrest and was dead for an hour and 25 minutes. He is now living and breathing... More

Premier’s Head of Digital Theology and research fellow at Durham University, Pete Phillips, chat's with... More

Extended FULL interview Rachel Mathews spoke to the first Black Female Baptist President Kate Coleman.... More

Imagine if we all came together and for 20 mins on the 20th day of every month at 20:20 in the evening... More

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