If you have children, you will understand the heartache you can feel, just to protect your child from harm. So on this Holy Saturday, how do you think Mary, the mother of Jesus, would have felt? There... More

Last year, Forbes magazine asked the question, ‘Is hybrid homeschooling the wave of the future’, and featured the American Regina Caeli Academy, where the home educated children spend 3 days at home and... More

A term which has become more common in recent years is the term “Millennials”. But what is a Millennial? What is so different about them? Why should we care about their impact on society?In the Bible we... More

PENNY LYON shared with Maria Rodrigues how she got challenged to think about her approach to Sabbath... More

The UK’s biggest Gospel awards event is back for a fourth year celebrating home grown talents.The Premier... More

Have you ever felt cornered or ganged up on - because of personal values based on your faith?Just how... More

How does having a deeper understanding of who God is impact our daily lives, including our relationships?... More

Living Hope Church was founded in 2002, in an area called Milking Bank in Dudley. Last Sunday saw the... More

It all began when a group of talented Christian young adults decided to form a choir!Fast forward 25... More

When some people think of Christians - they imagine people limited by rules and rituals, living mundane... More

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