As we celebrate Father's Day, two members of the social movement, Dope Black Dads, joined Craig Wakeling to talk about the negative narrative that surrounds black father's in our society. Donald Mbeutcha... More

So what do you call it with your kids? Their Privates? Foo Foo? Front bottom? Pee Pee? Well whatever you call “down there”, at some point you’ll have to use the real terms and explain what they’re used... More

Earlier on Premier Drive presenter Esther Higham asked author and speaker Shane Claiborne if he had a message for US president Trump on his birthday - here's what he said...  More

All this month on Premier Christian Radio, we are focusing on prayer.It's one of the spiritual tools... More

Did you know that there are now more UK subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon and NOW TV than to other ‘traditional’... More

Comedian Kojo Anim joined Craig Wakeling on Inspirational Breakfast to talk about the past, present and... More

32 years after experiencing abuse, Tendayi Mahachi is speaking out about the manipulation and terror... More

The National Prayer Breakfast for Scotland is taking place this morning in Edinburgh.The organisers have... More

For many, being a full time carer of family and loved ones can be a lonely experience, without rest or... More

Do you have a bustling community full of expressive, talented creatives of all ages?Or perhaps you've... More

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