In the first programme the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, tells us of his childhood ambition to be a bus driver, his lifelong loyalty to Liverpool Football Club, and why Sir Thomas... More

Broadcaster and former gay pop icon, the Rev Richard Coles talks of his lost year in Ibiza and his identification with a 17th century divine.  More

Strictly Come Dancing's Ann Widdecombe explains the great personal cost of  leaving the Church of England for Rome and why she is in favour of capital punishment but opposed to hunting. More

Premier's own hymn mistress, Pam Rhodes, talks about how she came to run a dogs' home and how she came... More

The Rev Martyn Percy, the only theologian mentioned in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, tells us about... More

The Rev Steve Chalke talks about having an Asian father, and also how he failed to get even one O Level,... More

Don’t worry if you’re unable to attend Big Church Day Out 2018, because we’ll be bringing a little nugget... More

JOANNA GORDON of 1277 Toddler Ministry explained to Maria Rodrigues why toddler groups are a great form... More

LYNDALL BYWATER was born blind but in spite of the frustrations that might bring is a cheerful spreader... More

The great GDPR revolution is nearly upon us, as you’ve surely noticed with the influx of emails to your... More

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