What does it mean to ‘feel called’? Or ‘offer it up to God’? How about ‘too blessed to be stressed’?... More

MIRACLE ANDOH was sexually abused by several different people as a child and now she is speaking out... More

Would you stand up for what you believe in even if people wrote you hate mail? Hear ANDREA WILLIAMS share... More

SUSIE HART MBE shared her story with Maria Rodrigues, including her heart for those with disabilities.... More

John Pantry and Rosie Wright were joined this morning on Inspirational Breakfast by Dr Andrew Parnham,... More

This weekend sees the 26th anniversary of the Jesus Surf Classic, where surfers in no less than 8 different... More

Pastor NIKE ADEYEMI is based in Atlanta and Lagos. She shared how a compassion to help women in the sex... More

PASTOR JO NAUGHTON believes many of us have undealt with issues in our heart. She explained to Maria... More

15 years ago today, David Blaine, the American magician climbed into a glass box above the River Thames... More

JANE CLAMP has been through 4 miscarriages and believes the church needs to talk about the issue more.... More

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