We were inspired by members of the Cantignorus Chorus; Revd NIALL WEIR, PHOEBE WEIR and Musical Director,... More

Paul Anderson-Walsh knows a lot about scripture, and whilst discussing the history of the Christmas story... More

The Bible TV series started this weekend - Saturday at 9pm on Channel 5 - and we heard from British Hollywood... More

Premier Gospel Presenter and acclaimed Jazz Musician, FEMI TEMOWO, was hand picked by the late Amy Winehouse... More

Pastor and Director of The Grace Project, PAUL ANDERSON-WALSH, challenged us by reminding us that anger... More

Dr KRISH KANDIAH, Director of the Evangelical Alliance, is an adoptive and foster father. He joined Nicky... More

ALICE WATTS, now a self professed 'crazy Christian', used to run away from fellow Christians before she... More

What is 'intercession' and why is it so important? Does it matter if you don't know the details of who... More

Last year's X Factor finalist, CHRIS MALONEY, had a really hard time on the show and claims the producers... More

Whether you're a parent or not, you'll be captivated as Pastor and "Bible Buster", PAUL ANDERSON-WALSH,... More

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