Pastor and Director of The Grace Project, PAUL ANDERSON-WALSH, challenged us to look beyond what scripture... More

They've been thrust back into the limelight again on ITV2's The Big Reunion, but now Damage band member,... More

To kick off Premier's Marriage and Relationships Month, Nage spoke with Rob Williams, an advocate for... More

Acclaimed musician and producer, Nicky Brown, brought in a musical treat for us. He's worked with the... More

At the beginning of The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, we chat to BISHOP DR JOE ALDRED from Churches... More

Public health nutritionist, NICOLA BURGHER-KENNEDY, brought us some home truths about the way we are... More

Bible Buster and Pastor, PAUL ANDERSON-WALSH, challenged us to change the way we view the new year and... More

We were inspired by members of the Cantignorus Chorus; Revd NIALL WEIR, PHOEBE WEIR and Musical Director,... More

Paul Anderson-Walsh knows a lot about scripture, and whilst discussing the history of the Christmas story... More

The Bible TV series started this weekend - Saturday at 9pm on Channel 5 - and we heard from British Hollywood... More

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