Holy Week Programme Highlights

Let's welcome Jesus into our hearts and homes, to celebrate his triumphal entry into Jerusalem! Follow the story of Jesus' last days with teaching from Dr Hugh Osgood every day and other special programmes on Good Friday. See the schedule below.

During the Holy Week, tune in to listen to various programmes to strengthen your faith

10:30am Look Back in Lent - listen to a series of Lent devotionals

12:00pm Worship Hour with Rick Easter
Featuring a four-part teaching from Dr Hugh Osgood will explore the proof, the power and the impact of the resurrection along with our usual hymns and worship.

15:00pm  Premier Drive Each first hour of Holy Week feature a special 3 at 3 with Premier presenters on various themes.

Monday: When Jesus overturned the tables in the temple, what does this mean? What does this mean when we maybe have a disproportionate view of money?

Tuesday: The leaders question whether Jesus is the Messiah...do we have doubts in this time. How can we be sure?

Wednesday: Leaders plot against Jesus. How do deal with trust. Do we trust our leaders in this time...how can we pray for them?

On Maundy Thursday, how does the fear of what Jesus' knows will happen the next day make you feel about the real fear of what the virus can do (health, finances, job security) or...focus on the last supper...how do we re-establish a new way of communion?

On Good Friday, how do we deal with the reality of loss?


Join us over the Easter Weekend for our special Easter radio shows you won't want to miss this year. See our schedule here