Faith At Work

In partnership with Premier Jobsearch – ‘Where Christians Find Jobs’ , between 12 – 15 March 2020 Premier Christian Radio will build on its weekly Faith at Work broadcast presented by Simon Ward.

My Faith@Work includes a weekly testimony into how God is at work in our daily lives. Featured in Simon Ward's show every Sunday between 10am and 1pm, Simon hears from different people in the worlds of work.

Click here to find out more about Simon Ward's My Faith @ Work.

And across the week in Premier’s headline shows, through on air interviews and features, Premier will explore what it really means when work becomes a vocation not a job.

In addition, in the lead up to the Faith At Work on aircoverage, Premier will be polling it’s audience for views on things like - whether their faith has been a strong influence in choosing a job,or  whether if money was no object, they would rather have a job in line with their faith.

Your opinion matters. Tell us whether you are comfortable talking about your faith at work or if your faith influenced the job you chose. 
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