Charity of the Year 2019

Introducing Premier Christian Radio's Charity of the Year 2019, Harvesters Ministries.

Meet Kazemde. His passion for Jesus is infectious. His zeal for the lost is unstoppable. But as a pastor in rural Malawi, there’s one thing that slows him down: Poverty.

Unable to afford his own copy of the Scriptures, Kazemde had to ride his bicycle to the next village once a week. There, using a borrowed Bible, he painstakingly copied down passages to take back and teach his fledgling church.

Today, thanks to friends like you, Kazemde now has his own copy of the Bible. It’s his greatest treasure!

Providing Bibles is just one of the ways you can partner with Premier’s 2019 Charity of the Year to help resource pastors, fuel church growth, and open the way for the world to know Jesus.  

Because this is the heart of Harvesters Ministries.

God’s call for this radical church planting ministry first came in 1998. Since then nearly 1 million people have come to Christ through Harvesters, and more than 60,000 churches have been started around the world.

Harvesters’ vision is bold: to plant 1 million churches, train 1 million pastors, and evangelise and disciple 100 million believers by 2025.

So if you’re serious about Jesus’ Great Commission, partnering with Harvesters is an incredible way for you to be instrumental in world evangelism.

Remember Kazemde? It cost just £15 to equip him with his own copy of God’s Word. You can fuel other pastors like him through your gift today.

Just £15 will provide one Bible–equipping a pastor for evangelism, nurturing the Church, and opening the way for souls to be won for Christ. So imagine what your gift of £45, £60, or even £90 can do!

You can give online at or call 0800 197 3431 to give your gift today.

Thank you for helping open the way for the world to know Jesus!


Five ways you can make an impact through Harvesters!


Evangelism is at the heart of all we do together. It’s the biblical model for growing the Church and begins through a love for the community that is to be reached.

Church Planting

Your support makes headway toward the goal of reaching people with the Gospel and planting as many viable churches as possible.

Training Leaders and Pastors

Friends like you can help provide pastoral training to grow sustainable leadership, provided through a three-year course at Harvesters’ hub churches.


By resourcing Harvesters’ paperless discipleship course, you help open the way for people to read and understand the Bible for themselves and become grounded in their newfound faith.

Bible Distribution

As you help provide Bibles in local languages to new churches in areas where there is a dire shortage, pastors and believers are equipped to grow in their faith and win others to Christ.