Meet the Speakers

This year, Justin Brierley will welcome J. John, Gary Habermas, Tanya Walker, Ruth Jackson, Yemi Adeshina and more. Find out all about them!


Conference Host

Justin Brierley

Justin Brierley presents the weekly radio show and podcast Unbelievable? on Premier Christian Radio. The award-winning programme regularly brings together Christians and non-Christians for dialogue and debate. Justin is also the senior editor of Premier Christianity magazine.

Speaker Line-up


J.John has over three decades of experience as a creative and dynamic public evangelist.  He has delivered hundreds of talks to millions of people and seen thousands come to faith through initiatives such as the Just10 Tour. He wants to see the Emirates Stadium filled for an ambitious evangelistic event on 8th July, 2017. J.John is the director of Philo Trust.

Gary Habermas

Gary Habermas is distinguished Professor of Apologetics and Philosophy at Liberty University, Virginia. As a new Testament scholar, Gary has become a leading authority on the evidence for the resurrection and has written, spoken and debated widely on the subject. As a philosopher he also researches miracles and other evidences for the Christian faith such as near death experiences.

Tanya Walker

Tanya Walker is an apologist for RZIM Europe and a guest lecturer at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA). Tanya co-leads the Evangelists Network for the European Leadership Forum, and the RZIM Europe training weekend.

Ruth Jackson

Ruth Jackson is deputy editor of Premier Youthwork and Premier Childrenswork magazines and head of youth apologetics. She previously left the BBC to set up a media unit at RZIM / OCCA before joining Premier and she plays bass guitar in all-girl rock ‘n roll band The Daisy Chains.

Yemi Adeshina

Yemi Adeshina is a youth minister who established the London Youth Apologetics Conference. He works as Business Development Manager at OHTV and is MD of SaltLight Group. He wants to see young people find the answers they are seeking.


Cary L. Summers

President of Museum of the Bible and former CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment/Silver Dollar City Corporation. Graduate of the University of Texas with a Mathematic/Physics degree with analytical analysis focus on aerospace engineering, Cary is an excellent communicator and a widely respected teacher keen to share his knowledge of Israel, both biblically and the modern state of Israel. His real passion is studying God’s Word and teaching it.

Beth Grove

Beth Grove, born and raised on the mission field, has lived among Muslim immigrant communities in London for 18 years, enjoying friendship with Muslim friends from many nations. She also engages in discussions and debates with  Muslim missionaries to Britain and Muslims on the streets of London. She has a master’s degree in Islamics and is one of the co-founders of the Pfander Centre for Apologetics, which is a research think-tank and teaching ministry to equip Christians worldwide to engage Islam with a confident Christianity.

Daniel Rodger, UK Apologetics Team

Daniel is a post-graduate student in Moral Philosophy and works works as a staff apologist for the Life Training Institute. He also works in the National Health Service. Daniel was an Atheist until the age of 20 and he now considers himself the “failed Atheist.” 

Heather Tomlinson, UK Apologetics Team

Heather is a freelance journalist with an interest in apologetics and helping the secular world to understand Christianity and its values. She has worked on The Guardian and The Independent on Sunday, and now writes freelance for publications including Christianity magazine.

Lucy Marskell, UK Apologetics Team

Lucy is currently an advertising executive for a corporate media company. As a graduate in community evangelism and theology, her previous experience includes mentoring young people in evangelism and leadership. She is passionate about sharing Jesus through all genres of music especially hip hop and spoken word.

Jamie Cutteridge

Jamie is the editor of Premier Youthwork and Premier Childrenswork and doesn’t like overly long bios. 

Dr. Jerry Johnston

Dr. Jerry Johnston, with a heart for pastors, youth, and the Gospel, has accomplished much as an author, communicator, filmmaker, and transmedia fundraiser. Author of eleven books, Jerry serves as the launch director of The Christian Thinkers Society and is also the National Spokesperson for the American Association of Christian Counselors,


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