Seminars & Topics

As well as main-stage talks, you can choose from 4 themed streams with 12 seminar topics.

Opening address: Beyond Answers - Keeping the faith when life is tough with Rob Parsons
Spoken Word: Given by Glen Scrivener 

Lunchtime seminar: Science and faith: friends or foes? with Reasons To Believe
Regathering address: ENCODE: How the human genome points to God with Fuz Rana 


Just Ask

5 hard questions

Hell, Other religions, Old Testament violence, Biblical reliability & God’s existence. Hear the 5 top objections you voted for our speakers to answer.

Glen Scrivener & Andy Bannister

Improbable Planet: How earth gives us evidence for heaven  

Astrophysicist Hugh Ross shows why our unique home in the Universe is designed for humanity and for God to reach us

Hugh Ross

What do I do when loved ones reject faith?

How to keep going when your spouse, child or loved one walks away from Christ. 

Rob Parsons & Katharine Hill


Christ is the answer

Finding Christ in a suffering world

Why does God allow natural disasters, war and personal tragedy to strike?

Sharon Dirckx

A Christ-like response to Islam

vn an age of terrorism how do we lovingly respond to our Muslim neighbours? 

Andy Bannister

If Krishna and Buddha met Christ…

Eastern & New Age beliefs have been popular in the West. Find out why Jesus is the True Hope of the World Religions

Ken Samples 


Bring your questions

Is God behind human biology?

Humans are exceptional. Biochemist Fuz Rana gives evidence for humanity as a special creation of God.

Fuz Rana

Even more hard questions… Q&A

Your chance to continue asking tough questions via Twitter/text or in person of a panel of speakers 

Sharon Dirckx, Fuz Rana & Ken Samples

How to be an online evangelist (and not suck)

Glen shares his experience reaching others with cringe-free evangelism

Glen Scrivener


Reaching Young People

Reaching young prodigals

Young people often walk away from faith, but there is hope 

Ruth Jackson & Rob Parsons

Is my child’s iPhone a problem?

Harness your child’s tech to help instead of hinder their faith

Ruth Jackson, Katharine Hill & Gareth Crispin

What questions are our kids actually asking?

Recent research suggest young people  asking new question about faith

Ruth Jackson & Gareth Crispin & Phoebe Hill



Seminars include time for Q&A and opportunity to meet the speakers. The conference will close with a full panel discussion and Q&A.

There will also be a wide range of resources and stands to browse during coffee breaks.

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# How to create better conversations

# Jesus for sinners, saints and sceptics

# Why science can’t explain everything

# Gay cakes, abortion & freedom of religion

# The real questions our teenagers are asking


Check back for the full conference schedule soon


We are delighted to welcome a range of exhibitors with a host of resources to The Brewery on 19th of May including Church Housing Trust

What people say...

"A much needed event for all Christians that should take place more frequently!"

"Truly excellent, well organized, content appropriate, speakers were utterly professional and competent. My only regret was not inviting friends and family to such a great event."

"Great speakers, informative, thought provoking"

"Accessible, challenging, rewarding"