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Meet some of the speakers at this year's conference.

Tanya Walker

Tell us an interesting fact about you? I am related to Andre Agassi – he is my second cousin twice (or maybe three times) removed.  Clearly, we are very close!

Why are you passionate about apologetics? I have come to the discovery that I have a surprising point of common ground with the New Atheists.  I do not find a mindless faith attractive.  Where we diverge is that I know that a mindless faith is not what is on offer in the Christian faith.  I am passionate about apologetics because it is, in part, a response to the Biblical command and encouragement to engage mymind as well as the whole of my heart, soul and strength in the pursuit and the worship of God.  There are important and genuine questions being asked of faith in our world today. The Christian faith offers an answer that satisfies at every level.

Name a hero of yours (other than Jesus!)? It is not often that you get the privilege of working with some of your heroes of the faith.  One of my heroes is Ravi Zacharias.  I have found him to be the same person on and off the stage, and to be a person of huge heart and spiritual depth as well as of intellectual brilliance.

What can people expect from your session? My session is a mix of philosophy, theology, exegetical preaching and devotional all in one(!)  I am asking us how we can be sure of our faith - how we can know – and how we can communicate that knowledge effectively.  Ultimately I am looking at the big picture of God’s answer in the invitation not just to know some propositions, but to know Him.  A relational faith, and a relational evangelism.  

What most excites you about Unbelievable The Conference 2016 (other than your own session!)? The Unbelievable Conference is a great opportunity to set aside a day to really engage the mind in the pursuit of God, to ask the hard questions, to learn new ways of engaging with faith, and to be inspired again to share our faith with those who don’t know of the love of God.  What’s not to love?!


Ruth Jackson

Tell us an interesting fact about you? I played at Glastonbury in 2010!

Why are you passionate about apologetics? There are so many people who struggle to believe in God because they think that science has replaced God or that suffering in the world rules out the possibility of a good God or that the church’s view on sexuality must mean that God, if he does exist, is completely restrictive and not worth believing in. Apologetics can be a helpful way of gently working through some of these head barriers to reveal a God who is worth believing in. Apologetics is also a really helpful tool for Christians – I have far too many friends and former youth who were passionate believers in their teens but who have now fallen away because there was little solid grounding to their faith.

Name a hero of yours (other than Jesus!)? Deborah (of Judges fame). In a predominately patriarchal society, this remarkable woman showed incredible bravery and an unswerving faith in the god who was her constant help. She was a strong military leader with outstanding prophetic insight who had her eyes firmly fixed on heaven and her feet firmly planted on earth. She was a passionate worshipper who patiently brought the best out of those around her and encouraged them in their faith. What a rock star!

What can people expect from your session? We want to show attendees how important young people are and equip them with tools to help their teenagers answer some of life’s trickiest questions. We also want to cultivate a deep love for the lost and the prodigals and instil a new passion to pray for thousands of young people to find hope in Jesus.

What most excites you about Unbelievable The Conference 2016 (other than your own session)? I’m excited about its impact. If each delegate goes back to their workplace, school or family with a new passion and confidence to share their faith, just think what might happen! Unbelievable 2016 is a brilliant opportunity to feed both our head and our hearts and get inspired to share what we’ve learnt with those around us. 


Yemi Adeshina

Tell us an interesting fact about you? One interesting thing about me was that I was a Muslim for 2 weeks.

Why are you passionate about apologetics? I am passionate about about apologetics because it was the tool the Holy Spirit used to bring me back to the Faith. A lot of “Christians” do not have a strong relationship with GOD because they do not know him, and I always ask them how can you love someone you do not know or have a relationship with. Apologetics gave me the tools of assurance that Christianity is True. 

Name a hero of yours (other than Jesus!)? A hero of mine other than Jesus has to be Daniel. He was a man of integrity who never compromised his standard. Another person will be C.S Lewis. His book "Mere Christianity" could almost be seen as scripture! 

What can people expect from your session? From my session people can expect to hear my testimony of how a young black guy from a Pentecostal background became a gang member then became a Muslim and the journey back to Christ.  

What most excites you about Unbelievable The Conference 2016 (other than your own session)? What I am most excited about Unbelievable The Conference 2016 is the fact that I know that by the end of the day a lot of people will have been impacted with the fire of confidence and truth to go out and share the faith with others and the domino effect that it will have on our nation.


Daniel Rodger, UK Apologetics Team

Tell us an interesting fact about you? I once lived in a cupboard for six months.

Why are you passionate about apologetics? Because understanding that Christianity wasn't nonsense and makes emotional and intellectual sense was an integral part of my journey towards following Jesus. Christians also have a responsibility to respond to the objections that people have when we share the Gospel with them, even more so in a culture that is largely post-Christian and generally skeptical towards religious truth claims.

Name a hero of yours? Dietrich Bonhoeffer & Alan Shearer.

What can people expect from your session? To be encouraged that God is still working and transforming the lives of people that didn't grow up in Christian families. To be equipped with some insights for sharing the Gospel with others and the need for apologetics.

What most excites you about the Unbelievable Conference 2016? Getting to see and meet hundreds of British Christians who are passionate about Jesus and wanting to make him known encouraged and equipped to share the Gospel!



Heather Tomlinson, UK Apologetics Team

Tell us an interesting fact about you? I guess some people find it interesting that I used to be a journalist on national newspapers (before I became a Christian)

Why are you passionate about apologetics? Because I'm passionate about people coming to know the love of Christ. In our culture, some apologetics is almost essential in sharing our faith. I also like to exercise my brain in answering people's questions - tricky atheists are my favourite kind!

Name a hero of yours (other than Jesus!)? Jackie Pullinger, Corrie ten Boom

What can people expect from your session? Myself, Dan and Lucy do not come from Christian backgrounds. I hope to inspire people to share their faith with people who are 'unchurched' and seem unlikely converts... and most of all, to pray passionately for them.

What most excites you about Unbelievable The Conference 2016? I am a passionate evangelist, and I love meeting other evangelists. I also am excited that people could be inspired to reach out and love people in Christ, and share the gospel.


Lucy Marskell, UK Apologetics Team

Tell us an interesting fact about you? I'm a Chinese teenage pregnancy adopted into an English family. People call me Chinglish.

Why are you passionate about apologetics? I think apologetics is an opportunity to listen to people's questions and to break down the misconceptions stopping people from knowing Jesus.

Name a hero of yours (other than Jesus!)? Leslie Knope from the TV Show Parks and Recreation: I love how she is always optimistic even when things go wrong and she always has an idea up her sleeve.

Craig Gross from Fire Proof Ministries: I've been inspired by the way he pushes the boundaries of what outreach is. From the Pope to the Porn Star, his life reminds me that Jesus loves all people and so should I

What can people expect from your session? Encouragement, stories and a few laughs.

What most excites you about Unbelievable The Conference 2016 (other than your own session)? I'm excited about people gaining confidence in sharing their faith and taking it out into their communities. Only God knows the ripple effect this conference will have on people's lives.


Beth Grove


Tell us an interesting fact about you? My favourite holiday of all time was two weeks in Iran. Whilst the force of Islam was overwhelming, the culture itself, the vibrant Persian attitude to life, with its ancient historical monuments, exquisite art, poetry and love of learning was a delight to experience. I came away loving them, but also wanting to introduce them to the one who loves them more, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why are you passionate about apologetics? It is what rescued me from walking away from Christ. It is what is convincing many Muslims of the truth of Jesus, and introducing them to the errors of Islam.

Name a hero of yours (other than Jesus!)? Dr. Carl Gottlieb Pfander (1803-1865) the name after which our organisation is called. A man who dared to engage the ideas of Islam through Apologetics (defence) and Polemics (challenge) in an apologetics manual that is still relevant today. Through a debate with Muslims, people were saved, church movements were formed.

What can people expect from your session?

  • Helpful tips on communicating the Christian faith to Muslims
  • Understanding the Islamic mind on faith matters
  • Clarity on the differences between Islam and Christianity
  • Useful Apologetics (defence) & probing questions to use in discussions with Muslims

What most excites you about Unbelievable The Conference 2016 (other than your own session)? To see hundreds of Christians equipped in defending the Christian faith and learning how to ask probing questions on all sorts of topics to those who don’t believe, is truly a privilege.


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