With over 15 seminars and plenary sessions to choose from across 4 different subject streams, you’ll find answers to questions about...

# What’s the evidence for God?

# What do I do when loved ones walk away from faith?

# Is science a friend or foe of scripture?

# How do I respond to Islam and other religions?

# How can I make the case for Christ?

# How is technology affecting my children’s faith?

# What about suffering?

# How do I sharing the gospel in non-cringey ways?


PLUS: at #JustAsk you’ll be able to vote on other questions and objections you’d like our team to respond to on the day… watch this space for more details 


# How to create better conversations

# Jesus for sinners, saints and sceptics

# Why science can’t explain everything

# Gay cakes, abortion & freedom of religion

# The real questions our teenagers are asking


Check back for the full conference schedule soon


We are delighted to welcome a range of exhibitors with a host of resources to The Brewery on 19th of May including Church Housing Trust

What people say...

"A much needed event for all Christians that should take place more frequently!"

"Truly excellent, well organized, content appropriate, speakers were utterly professional and competent. My only regret was not inviting friends and family to such a great event."

"Great speakers, informative, thought provoking"

"Accessible, challenging, rewarding"