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Love Month

Drifting Apart:In many countries, including my own, about 40% of marriages end in divorce. 40%!! How... More
The Mistakes that Women Make:Well, on our last program, we looked at the 3 most common mistakes that... More
As part of Premier's 'Love' theme, Loretta chats to Jason Royce from the Romance Academy about relationships,... More

Marriage is quite a controversial topic these days, although current evidence seems to support its superiority over the alternatives. For the Christian, of course, it’s not just contemporary science but... More

Forever is a long time to be happy. Marriage is something that a lot of people would love to experience but making it last is one thing that... More

Valentines day can sometimes emphasise how single (some of us) really are, so how can we get through the season? Relationship Trainer and Counsellor Janet McNish shares 7 top tips for singles to benefit... More

Communication varies from couple to couple. Some never argue, others argue often and a few are somewhere in between.  Husband and Vice President from Focus on the Family Greg Smalley wants you to know... More

It's National Marriage Week, and Dr Greg Smalley tells us his top tips to maintain a healthy marriag... More
Tamala and Kibibe give their honest reflections on singleness in the Church. More