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Marriage Week

Throughout the week, tune into Premier Christian Radio to hear great stories about the challenges and joys of marriage from ordinary Christians and experts alike. We think you’ll find something that will help you for a lifetime!

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Peter and Eileen Herbert married in 1946 and are now both in their 90s. More

We spoke to Michaela Hyde, national coordinator of Marriage Week, about building strong foundations for children in our homes. More

Marriage Week is an annual celebration of marriage. The point is to highlight the benefits of a healthy marriage to society, media and the government.... More

A new report from Marriage Foundation shows that the risk of divorce for a couple marrying today is the... More
As we continue the celebration of National Marriage Week - we return to one of The Marriage Foundation’s... More
Today marks the beginning of National Marriage Week - an annual celebration of marriage, run by The Marriage... More
Bobbi Kumari once led a hedonistic lifestyle, but all that changed when she found faith thirteen years... More
As Marriage Week continues, Rosie Wright has been speaking with broadcaster, Gryles Brandreth. A married... More
Founders of the Marriage Preparation Course and authors of several books on marriage and parenting, Nicky... More
Andrea and Jonathan Taylor-Cummings, Founders of the Soulmates Academy discuss what we can do to repair... More