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We’re proud to partner with the Marriage Foundation for this year’s National Marriage Week, where the focus is all about understanding the best ingredients for a healthy relationship. Whether you’re married or not, there’s something to learn as we look at intimacy, kindness, commitment, friendship, forgiveness and of course communication.

Throughout the week, tune into Premier Christian Radio to hear great stories about the challenges and joys of marriage from ordinary Christians and experts alike. We think you’ll find something that will help you for a lifetime!

National Marriage Week Highlights

Monday 13th May

At 8am on Inspirational Breakfast, Mark and Christine Daniel (founders of the Toucan relationship app and directors of FamilyLife UK) are taking a closer look at commitment in marriage - how can we support and stay loyal to our spouse when there are challenges or dramatic changes in circumstances?

Later Maria Rodriguez talks to Agnita Oyawale about the impact of losing your spouse in Woman to Woman from 11am, and from 4pm Loretta Andrews talks to business woman Rebeka Stocker from Vow Ventures about her Christian hen and stag do business.

Tuesday 14th May

On Tuesday morning tune in to Inspirational Breakfast to hear a challenging conversation with Andy and Fiona Banes from Time for Marriage, who will be sharing their experiences of marriage and forgiveness.

Later the Rev Mike Smith joins the team to explain why he’s offering couples all-inclusive church wedding and reception package for £1000!!

From 11 am, Woman to Woman’s Maria talks to blogger Jade Walcott about all things marriage and relationships.

Wednesday 15th May

How would you react if your spouse told you they had feelings for another person? Maria will be talking to a woman who shares her emotional story of how she confessed her feelings for another man to her husband.  

Later, with Loretta Andrews at 4pm, you can hear Dr. David Hawkins, who shares how to deal with emotional stress in marriage.

Thursday 16th May

It only happens in films - or does it? One woman shares how she had to deal with the heartbreak of having big day called off in Woman to Woman from 11am, and Michael Hyde looks at one of the 6 ingredients key to healthy marriage in Premier Drive from 5pm.

Friday 17th May

A must listen to those who are struggling with mental health issues, author and speaker Christy Wimber will be praying for women in relationships where this is an increasing issue from 11am.

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