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Christian animal welfare charity's Valentine's Day warning

Sun 14 Feb 2016
By Alex Williams

Christians planning to treat their loved one to a special meal on Valentine's Day are being warned over delicacies involving production methods which may compromise on animal welfare.

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The Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (ASWA) is raising concerns over a number luxury foods including Foie Gras which it claims employs "an incredibly method of farming the geese to obtain a fatty liver".

According to the charity, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), ducks and geese can be force-fed grain and fat up to three times a day, causing their liver to swell up to ten times it's regular sizes.

ASWA has also expressed concerns about misconceptions over the pain experienced by lobsters being boiled alive and the welfare of farmed salmon.

Speaking to Premier, Samantha Chandler from ASWA recommended sustainable wild caught salmon.

Samantha added: "If you go into your supermarket, on of the first things you can do is buy British. We do still have very high standards in comparison to a lot of other countries. Always go for a British label, particularly if you're buying pork products.

"Look out for labels such as 'Outdoor reared' [and] 'grass feed'. The labels to ignore are things like 'farm fresh', 'natural', those airy-fairy labels.

"I don't think God would want us to deliberately make a living creature ..suffer unduly. The grazing animals ..are made in a very specific way, to be outside, to have plenty of fresh air, to have freedom of movement.

"To keep them inside in intensive farming systems is incredibly cruel."

Samantha Chandler also recommend the Compassion in World Farming website.

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