Brits to spend 1.9 billion minutes on social media on Christmas Day

Fri 09 Dec 2016
By Premier Journalist

Research conducted by Save the Children has suggested that we will spend a combined 1.9 billion minutes on social media across the UK on Christmas Day.

The research also found that 51 per cent of Brits will text their loved ones to wish them a Merry Christmas rather than send a greetings card.

Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University Dr Bex Lewis, suggests that a Digital Christmas might not be a bad idea. She told Premier: "For a lot of people, Christmas is not fun. Social media means they can connect to the people they want to be with rather than the people they are related to by blood."

Save the Children's research also indicated that 2.5 million of us are happier if a photo of our Christmas dinner receives likes online rather than if the meal tastes good.

Dr Lewis said that although technology can enhance our enjoyment of the day, we shouldn't let it dominate our celebration.

She told Premier: "We can make good use of digital as long as we are not ignoring the people around us, we need to be the master of technology not its slave.

"If you are having dinner with people who are not digitally engaged, keep your phone in your bag. We need to build into our culture the idea that just because [we've received a message] digitally doesn't mean we need to respond immediately."

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