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Cashless collections plates on display at one stop shop for churches

Tue 15 Oct 2019
By Marcus Jones

Cashless collection plates are just one of the weird and wonderful things being showcased at the annual Christian Resources Exhibition.

The device which has been created in Holland allows worshippers to use their smart phones to pay their tithes.

Tech company Givt developed the product which takes payment via a signal from a beacon placed in a collection plate.


"As soon as the user indicates that he wants to give, the smartphone searches for the signal," explains Givt director Sjoerd van Oort. "The giver simply moves his smartphone along the collection device and indicates how much he has chosen to donate."

Most importantly, no-one knows who has given and how much.

"We believe that giving is fundamentally different from paying. With Givt, the donor remains completely anonymous to the collecting organisation."

The devices have been trialed at 17 churches across the country.

The company says results shows people are much more likely to give due to the convenience.

Also on display is a kiosk which sits in a church and accepts contactless donations.

Tubular Systems Ltd has developed the product which is touchscreen and has customisable display graphics.

Around 4,000 church leaders and member are expected to visit CRE this week at Sandown Park in Surrey.

Over 200 organisations will be present with a programme of 60 seminars covering a host of practical subjects, from sound systems to security.

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