Catholics celebrate Day for Life

Sun 26 Jul 2015
By Aaron James

Christians across Britain are celebrating life, as part of the Catholic Church's annual Day for Life. 

Day for Life was initially created by Pope John Paul II, as a way of commemorating life from birth to death.

Christians pray, receive and discuss teaching on life issues, and donate their money and time to protecting life as part of the day.

This year's Day for Life is focusing on end of life care, with the essential message being: "How do we cherish life while we can and accept death when it comes?"

It's particularly poignant, given that MPs will begin considering potential assisted dying legislation on September 11.

The Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster, Rt Revd John Sherrington, told Premier: "Many people find it difficult naturally to talk about death. It's something that we avoid in our society. And so, we wanted to talk about the way in which people cherish the gift of life, but also through illness, have to come to accept death."

"It's very timely because of Robert Marris' bill to be introduced in the Commons on the 11th of September, to argue for assisted dying. And therefore the Church would want to argue against that and oppose that view, so it's an opportunity to talk about why we oppose that view.

"We cannot intentionally end our lives through suicide... life is a precious gift from God, it's a life to be protected and cared for. And secondly, part of being human is accepting death and recognising that it's not all about being in control - it's also about letting go."

Listen to Premier's Marcus Jones speaking to Rt Revd John Sherrington here.

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