Christian Gladiators star brings assault course to churches

Mon 11 Nov 2019
By Ruth Sax

Former nineties TV Gladiator and Christian, Warren Furman, is encouraging church goers to get physically fit, as he travels to churches with inflatables from the original Gladiators set.

Furman, known as Ace on the Gladiators programme, has installed Hang Tough rings in Calvary Chapel, York so people can benefit "physically and spiritually".

Speaking to the Mirror Furman said: "It makes sense for a church to teach how to look after the body."



Congregations are invited after Sunday services to have a go on various inflatables.

Furman describes himself as a "Gladiator for the Gospel" and is encouraging the chapel's "super fit" Pastor Dave Sylvester to start his sermons swinging from the ceilings, insisting it would grasp the attention of the congregation.




Furman hopes the idea will catch on in other churches too, saying: "The church has a great big space in the middle of a city," he says. "What a place where people can come to a fun environment where they're going to benefit physically and spiritually. It's a no-brainer."


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