Paul Blakey

Christian group on festivals: "Jesus would be here"

Fri 14 Aug 2015
By Hannah Tooley

A group of Christians are giving away a special edition of Mark's Gospel to festival-goers in the UK.

'The Message' will be available at V Festival, Edinburgh Festival and Leeds Festival this summer.

Paul Blakey, one the people behind the idea, runs Street Angels and the Christian Nightlife Initiative, which look after party-goers.

Speaking about the Street Angel team in Mallorca, he told Premier that one member said: "Jesus would be here in Magaluf, helping the vulnerable, getting them out of the mess they're in and actually offering them a better way of life, as a challenge to leave them to go on their way with."

"People are very open to spiritual things and I think when you put it in places where people don't expect it, they're suddenly challenged with 'oh the Church, it's actually got a relevance to me because it's here at Leeds Festival and it's people I can chat to and talk to'," he said.

Last year the outreach programme at Leeds Festival saw around four thousand people regularly visiting the Prayer Cafe, organisers also say they gave out 22,500 cups of water at V Festival in Staffordshire.

Around two thousand copies of the special edition fifty-six page Gospel have been printed and include sections on how to read the Bible, how to think critically, tips on prayer and an overview of the Christian message.

Publisher of 'The Message', Dan Pape, said: "I pray The Message serves its purpose - to incite a curious desire for God's word."

Listen to Premier's Hannah Tooley speak to Paul Blakey here:

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