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Clergy in top five most trusted professions among children

Wed 20 Sep 2017
By Marcus Jones

A new survey of secondary school children has seen the clergy placed in the top five most trusted politicians.

Ipsos Mori asked 2,600 young people whether those working in different jobs could be trusted to tell the truth.

Doctors came out on top with 83 per cent while the police followed with 71 per cent.

Top five most trusted professions:
1. Doctors (83%)
2. The Police (71%)
3. Judges (64%)
4. Scientists (53%)
5. Joint fifth: Clergy (46%)/Teachers (45%)

Forty six per cent of children said they could trust the clergy - that's slightly more than adults. A similar survey last year found 43 per cent of adults trusted the clergy.

Responding to the findings on Premier's News Hour, clergyman and broadcaster Fr John Twisleton welcomed the findings.

He said: "It's encouraging that clergy are among the five most trusted groups especially as most children don't see much of them with just 2 per cent of people going to church on a Sunday.

"The amount of expose is minimal so at least we're in there somewhere."

The figures show the Church still has a way to go in winning young people over.

Fr John suggested the widespread allegations of abuse facing many priests in recent years won't have helped levels of trust.

"That does have enormous coverage," he said. "If you've never met a priest in real life and you just see them on the news then that paints a very negative picture of the clergy."

The least trusted professions included television newsreaders, politicians and estate agents.

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