Dr Anne-Marie Wilson

Don't medicalise FGM, Christian campaigner warns

Sat 16 Jul 2016
By Alex Williams

A Christian campaigner opposed to female genital mutilation (FGM) has told Premier some doctors and nurses around the world are fueling the problem instead of helping tackle it.

Founder of the anti-FGM charity 28 Too Many, Dr Anne-Marie Wilson says the procedure violates women and girls and is increasingly being undertaken in countries such as Kenya, Indonesia and Nigeria by medical professionals.

Where are cases of medical FGM rising?

- Egypt
- Indonesia
- Kenya
- Malaysia
- Mali
- Nigeria
- Sudan
- Yemen

28 Too Many fears many of the more than 200-million people - predominantly in Africa, Asia and the Middle East - who have undergone FGM have died during the procedure or as a result of later health complications.

Dr Anne-Marie Wilson is also concerned girls living in the UK could be taken abroad during the school summer holidays for FGM.

She said: "It could be that the parents don't agree with FGM but perhaps an auntie or grandmother still does and the girl could be at risk in her home country.

"For teachers, social workers, the police, counsellors at school, anybody who has a feeling a girl is at risk of FGM in the long summer holidays should report this..."

28 Too many says FGM, whether carried out by a medical professional or not, "is a severe form of violence against girls and women, a violation of their human rights and has life-long physical, emotional and sexual implications for survivors."

28-year-old 28 Too Many Trustee and FGM survivor, Hoda Ali, said:

"As a sexual health nurse and anti-FGM campaigner, I work alongside many health care providers who are dedicated to their patients' welfare and who are powerful advocates against FGM. There can be no excuse for doctors and other professionals to carry out FGM.

"I hope that this report [into medicalised FGM] accelerates the work already taking place in medical organisations to make sure all staff are trained to respond appropriately to FGM and stand against it."

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