Irish Christian wins equality tribunal

Tue 22 Jul 2014
By Antony Bushfield

A born again Christian from South Tipperary has been awarded €70,000 after successfully proving he was discriminated against at work because of his religion.

John McAteer worked at South Tipperary County Council before being sacked for telling fellow workers about his faith, despite instructions from bosses not to do so.

The equality tribunal agreed with Mr McAteer that his religion required him to share the gospel and speak about Jesus with other people.

Two years before he was dismissed he had been told a complaint had been made about conversations he had with colleagues about Christianity.

According to the Irish Times bosses ordered the civil engineer not to speak about his faith during working hours, including his lunch break.

The tribunal heard he was an Evangelical Christian and discussing his religion was a crucial part of the faith.

The council said Mr McAteer wasn’t dismissed because of his beliefs but because he consistently failed to follow instructions not to discuss them.

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