Justin Welby reveals he takes anti-depressants

Sat 19 Oct 2019
By Tola Mbakwe

The Archbishop of Canterbury who has been vocal about his struggle with depression has now revealed he takes medication for it.

Most Rev Justin Welby was speaking at the Faith and Mental Health Conference at Lambeth Palace on Friday.

According to The Guardian, Archbishop Justin said he takes anti-depressants every day and was overall “managing very well”.


He added that he’s fine with talking about his mental health struggles but was concerned about how others would respond to such discussions.

“Depression is interpreted by many employers as someone who … is incapable of getting out of bed in the morning and isn’t able to do their job properly,” he said.


Earlier in the day before the conference, Archbishop Justin spoke on BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day about his experience with ill mental health.

“I know that being a Christian doesn’t mean everything is okay forever," he said.

 “In the Bible, there are people struggling with darkness and depression. There’s a whole book, the Book of Job, in which we see someone suffering terrible depression and agony.

“It is my prayer that anyone walking in darkness knows this, you are not alone. You are truly valued ad deeply loved. Reaching out and talking to someone can be the first step back into the light.”


Prince Harry, as well as church leaders, health professionals, politicians, and representatives of charities were at the conference. It aimed to raise awareness of mental health issues and share how the Church could help.

Last week Archbishop Justin encourage people struggling with their mental health to not be ashamed to get help.

In a video posted on Twitter on 11 October for World Mental Health Day he said he realised last year that he was depressed, and praised one of his daughters who taught him that there was nothing wrong with getting help.

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