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Justin Welby says Jesus would not have been given a visa in the UK

Tue 19 Nov 2019
By Cara Bentley

Justin Welby has joked that Jesus would not have been given a visa to enter the UK, unless there was a shortage of carpenters.

Speaking at the CBI conference on Monday, where the political party leaders also pitched their ideas to the business community, the Archbishop of Canterbury took part in a discussion about social inequality.

The discussion was chaired by Faisal Islam, BBC's economics editor and also included Denise Wilson, Ruth Harrison and Brian Gilvary - who all work in business and equality.



When the panel were talking about inclusion and diversity, Archbishop Justin said: "Our founder Jesus Christ was of course not white, middle class and any standard of imagination.

"Are you sure?" asked Faisal Islam.

"I'm absolutely certain - he certainly wouldn't have got a visa, unless we're particularly short of carpenters".

He went on to say that every person has equal human dignity. 



They also discussed gender parity on company boards, whether companies should make relationships which have climate change implications and social injustice.

The Archbishop of Canterbury also said he thought business was indispensable and must earn enough to cover their costs and be profitable but that "no business exists for itself alone". 

He argued that otherwise it becomes part of a dysfunctional society and that a good business has a community aspect and promotes a just and fair economy. 



The whole session can be watched below, from 06:45:00:


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