Sophie Ryder

Salisbury Cathedral sculpture moved because texters kept walking into it

Sat 20 Feb 2016
By Aaron James

A one-ton 20-foot sculpture outside Salisbury Cathedral has been moved because people looking at their phones kept walking into it.

The Kiss, which features two giant hands embracing in the form of a kiss, was one of several statues put around the cathedral last week for an exhibition called Relationships, running until July 3rd.

The hands were initial above a pathway leading to Salisbury Cathedral, however so many people were hitting their heads on it at night while texting that staff there decided to move it on health and safety grounds.

Salisbury Cathedral hired a crane to move the wire-frame structure onto the nearby lawn, costing hundreds of pounds.

Sophie Ryder


Sophie Ryder, the architect who made The Kiss, posted a video on her Facebook page showing it being moved.

Viewers were gobsmacked, with one person commenting: "Says it all about texting - no wonder people walk into lampposts and in front of cars if they can fail to see a ginormous sculpture and walk into it!!!!"

Another commenter said: "That bump on the head was a WAKE UP call!"

We had to move "the kiss" because people were walking through texting and said they bumped their heads! Oh well!!

Posted by Sophie Ryder on Tuesday, 16 February 2016
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