People who believe the Christmas story is a myth but still attend church services at Christmas are taking... More

MPs and religious leaders have taken a trip along the Thames in a boat once used by migrants to highlight... More

The Rt Revd David Walker is hoping the campaign will help people realise why the festive season isn't... More

The Bishop of Suffolk's urging Christians to save money with their local Credit Union. More

Expansion ideas at Heathrow and Gatwick have made it onto a list of options to ease congestion at UK... More

A survey by Bible Society gave people a number of options for various aspects of the nativity story. More


It's claimed 1.5 million over 65s are at risk from malnutrition because they can't afford basic food... More

The Prince of Wales visited Ewenny Priory Church in the Vale of Glamorgan. More

Home Office reports says knife crime and attempted murders are down and positive changes have been made... More

Shoppers are being encouraged to take a break and watch the performance that's been organised by the... More

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