American missionary visits wife ill with Ebola

Wed 20 Aug 2014
By Antony Bushfield

David Writebol has been able to visit his wife and fellow missionary Nancy for the first time since she became ill with Ebola.

Mr Writebol has spent the past 21 days in isolation amid fears he could have contracted the virus which has killed more than a thousand people across West Africa.

His wife is still ill in an American hospital after she picked up the illness working as a Christian missionary in Liberia.

In a statement David Writebol said: “We learned a great deal about the love and compassion of people toward Nancy through the overwhelming outpouring of prayers and well-wishes on our behalf. For this we are truly grateful.

"I was cleared to travel to Emory University Hospital to be reunited with Nancy and observe her recovery and return to health. My family and I look forward to her speedy restoration, and we give thanks for continued prayers on her behalf.

"I have had the great joy to be able to look through the isolation room glass and see my beautiful wife again.

“We both placed our hands on opposite sides of the glass, moved with tears to look at each other again.

“She was standing with her radiant smile, happy beyond words.

“She is continuing to slowly gain strength, eager for the day when the barriers separating us are set aside, and we can simply hold each other.

“We prayed together over the intercom, praising our great and mighty God for his goodness to us.”

The couple were working for international Christian mission organisation SIM alongside Dr Kent Brantly.

He’s also ill with Ebola after he contracted the diseases treating others in Liberia.

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