Christian charity encourages prayer for migrant channel crossers

Thu 03 Jan 2019
By Rosie Wright

Seeking Sanctuary has called for Christians to be Good Samaritans to the asylum seekers.

Phil Kurton, Co-Director of Seeking Sanctuary, which is a Christian group that helps migrants in Calais told Premier: “The Christian response is rather similar to that of the Good Samaritan. He saw someone in need, made sure he was warm, safe and got shelter and had medical treatment. Only after he was fit and well did anyone question what he needed to do to move on constructively with his life.

“That is what is how it should be.”


He's been speaking as the home secretary Sajid Javid's asked the Royal Navy for help dealing with the rising numbers of people trying to reach Britain in small boats.

Javid questioned whether migrants using small boats to cross the English Channel are genuine asylum seekers.

Kurton told Premier: “We should see these people as individuals who need help, that doesn’t necessary mean living here permanently they should be helped out of their misery and helped to find a constructive way to move on and to flourish.”

Kurton encouraged Christians to pray for those who might be making a dangerous journey: “I think we have to remember Jesus Christ who calmed the storm, and pray for God's help for those in peril on the sea, wherever they are.”

Kurton added “Anything that will stop people taking these tremendous risk that they’re taking crossing the channel and shipping lanes in these tiny inflatable boats will be very welcome.”

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