Christian converted couple forced from Indian home by Hindu son allowed to return

Sat 12 Oct 2019
By Heather Preston

A couple in India, who were forcibly removed from their home by their Hindu son after converting to Christianity have now been allowed to return.

Champa Digwal and her husband, Sultan became Christians when she was miraculously cured of a 12 year continual bleed, according to information from religious freedom network British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA).

The pair converted to the Christian faith after Champa heard of the healing of a woman with a similar condition who touched the cloak of Jesus, in Matthew 5:25-29.

The New Testament miracle inspired Champa, who previously followed the Hindu faith, to attend a local church where she was then reportedly healed of her bleeding infirmity and subsequently put her faith in Jesus.


Sultan also became a believer upon witnessing the miracle and the pair are now regular attenders of their local Christian church.

Their Hindu son, Rohtas has been accused of beating his parents following the news of their conversion before evicting them both from the home they shared together.

The Digwal's, who were in poor health were provided with temporary shelter and financial support to cover a number of medical bills by their local pastor, Shusil.

A delegation of Christian and Hindu leaders has since intervened with the help of BPCA to condemn Rohtas actions and call for him to re-instate his parent's into the family home.

Following direct comment from Hindu leaders, Rohtas has now agreed to allow his parents to return and retain their Christian beliefs without fear of violence or eviction.

Juliet Chowdhry, Trustee for the BACA, said: "Emotions can run high in India especially in a country steeped in honour culture.

"The reaction of Rohtas is not uncommon - he will no doubt have felt it was his duty to protect his Hindu faith from his parents conversion and equally been fearful of the loss of his reputation before other Hindus.

"On this occasion by working with local Hindu leaders we have been able to restore peace and reunite a family, even if somewhat tenuously.

"However, Champa and Sultan will need your prayers as they re-engage with their son."

BPCA officers remain in contact with the elderly couple and continue to monitor their situation.


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