Christian held in North Korea 'felt compelled' to leave Bible

Sun 02 Nov 2014
By Antony Bushfield

An American man who was arrested in North Korea after he left a Bible in a nightclub has said he 'felt compelled' to try and help Christians in the country.

The US government secured the release of Jeffrey Fowle two weeks ago after six months in detention.

He was on holiday in the country but was arrested by North Korean authorities as he tried to leave when the Bible he left was found with his name inside.

He said he went as a tourist but had to seize the opportunity to "carry the Gospel to all corners of the oath."

In an interview he admitted he was aware of the risk and knew he was 'taking a gamble' but said he felt 'compelled to do that to aid the underground church in some small way'.

"I felt once I left the Bible somewhere that God would take it the rest of the way into the hands of some kind of Christian organization, and I'd be able to waltz out of country fat, dumb and happy, no problem," he said.

"But God had other plans."

Two other Americans are still being held in North Korea.

U.S. officials say they're still negotiating the release of Matthew Miller and Kenneth Bae.

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