Feminism infiltrated by demons says Spanish bishop

Thu 08 Mar 2018
By Cara Bentley

A church leader in Spain has said some branches of feminism are more harmful than good as women in the country hold a national strike on International Women's Day,

Jose Ignacio Munilla, Bishop of San Sebastian criticised the strike on his radio show, saying some feminism is harmful and promotes a "gender ideology".

Munilla said feminism split in the 1960s into "authentic, feminine feminism" and "destructive feminism manipulated by gender ideology". He said that radical feminism had been infiltrated by demons.

He criticised "egalitarianism feminism," which he said "establishes that men and women are the same and that differences are due to sociological reasons".

Although he admitted that moderate feminism is a "just cause", the spokesperson for the strike has criticised the church leader.

Maria Alvarez said: "The Bishop's comments are another attempt to try to discredit women on the part of reactionary forces just when we are building up to a historic movement."

His main grievance is abortion which he calls ' el holocausto femenino'.

He said his words have been falsified in this video (in Spanish):

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