Jarrid Wilson's pastor says Wilson knew suicide was the wrong choice

Sun 15 Sep 2019
By Sam Hailes

Greg Laurie, the pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, has said Jarrid Wilson is 'with the Lord' because he has been forgiven.

Jarrid Wilson, the associate pastor of the Californian church, took his own life on Monday.

He had a wife and two young sons and lead the young adult ministry. 

Wilson ran the mental health charity Anthem of Hope and was open about his struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts, inviting people to donate to 

In a talk called 'Hope has the last word' at the church's mid-week service, the main pastor spoke about how suicide was not the answer and tried to answer people's questions.



Laurie started: "When I heard the news that Jarrid was gone and I just couldn't believe it" and explained how he was up at 3:30am listening to a podcast when he saws texts from his own son about Jarrid's death

"I screamed, I yelled 'No, God, no!'

"People think that us as pastors and spiritual leaders are somehow above the pains and struggles of everyday life. We're supposed to be the ones that have all the answers but we don't, we're just like you, we need to reach out to God for his help and strength everyday."

He addressed people's concerns, saying: "Jarrid had put his faith in Christ and that is why I believe right now he is in the presence of the Lord in heaven - a very important thing to remember.

"One dark moment in a Christian's life cannot undo what Christ did for us on the Cross."

He added: "We need to remember what Jarrid told us in his best days, not his worst" and added that it was a time for compassion and not judgement.

Mr Laurie went on to address those in the congregation who might be feeling the same way and highlighted the characters in the Bible who felt depressed and wanted to die at times, such as Elijah.

He said times of depression mean we constantly need Christ, not that a Christian has lost faith, and encouraged those listening to reach out, ask for prayer, to remember that Christ loves them and cast all their worries on God.

"If you're struggling with depression, if you're struggling with suicidal thoughts, reach out to somebody - let them help you, there's no shame in it and let us encourage one another".

If this is a topic you want help with, the Premier Lifeline, a national Christian helpline is open 9am to midnight every day on 0300 111 0101.


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