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Mark Driscoll, Pastor of Mars Hill Church Seattle
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Mark Driscoll explains why he allowed his 4 year old a believer's baptism

Tue 05 Dec 2017
By Marcus Jones

US mega church pastor Mark Driscoll has revealed that he allowed his four year old child to have a believer's baptism.

The practice, which is also known as adult baptism, is undertaken by those who profess an understanding of what Jesus did.

It normally sees a person fully immersed in water.

Addressing the long discussed issue of how old someone needs to be to have a believer's baptism, Driscoll said there was no clear answer and each case should be treated differently.

Speaking to parents at Trinity Church which he leads in Scottsdale Arizona, he talked about how he handled his son's request to be baptised.


"I came down one morning and he had his picture Bible and he said 'I need to get baptised now that I'm a Christian' and he was very serious about it.

"I thought we'll give it some time and see if it sticks but he kept bringing it up.

"So I started asking him all the theological questions - and he was fine.

"We took him to a leader in the church and he answered all the questions.

"So we baptised him and he's walked with the Lord ever since."

He did however warn against pushing someone into baptism.

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