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Pakistani woman pardoned after planning suicide attack on church

Thu 18 May 2017
By Tola Mbakwe

It has emerged a Christian charity said a Pakistani medical student who confessed to planning to take part in a suicide attack at a church during Easter was pardoned last week.

According to the British Pakistani Christian Association, 20 year old Noreen Jabar Leghari admitted to joining Islamic State in Syria when Pakistani security thwarted the attempted attack.

The charity said the woman was arrested at Easter when security found two suicide vests, explosives and weapons.
However, Major General Asif Ghafoor said during a press conference that the woman was not a terrorist and law enforcement saved her before she was brainwashed by extremists.

Ghafoor said: "So, should we treat Noreen like a terrorist or release her so that she can tell others how she was trapped and used for terrorism?

"In this way, awareness will be created among the younger generation and parents as well as institutions," he added.

Leghari was a second year student of medical student in Liaquat University of Medical Science. The British Pakistani Christian Association claimed her release was based on her intelligence and the many Muslims that advocated for her freedom.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said: "Noreen Leghari is a woman intelligent enough to be considered for a role as a doctor yet is being described as pliable and immature.

"Miss Leghari's animosity for Christians would no doubt have led to many deaths including her own, yet a 'soul searching nation' have a strong will and desire to show her mercy.

"How many of these same Pakistani citizens would be so forgiving had Miss Legahri planned to bomb a Muslim School?

"If it were Muslims that were targeted by Legahri, I am certain many of the campaigners would find her crime too offensive for granting a pardon - Christian lives are ostensibly less valuable in Pakistan."

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