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Pastor hits back after inadvertently coming under fire from Donald Trump

Tue 10 Sep 2019
By Tola Mbakwe

US President Donald Trump has accidentally tweeted an insult to a pastor.

Mr Trump meant to mention ABC World News reporter Jonathan Karl in a tweet criticising his reporting of his response to hurricane relief efforts.

Instead he mentioned Rev Jonathan Carl, a pastor from Kentucky.

Rev Jonthan Carl


Rev Carl lead pastor at South Fork Baptist Church in Hodgenville, said that at first he laughed it off, but after he received many hateful comments from Trump's supporters he felt "wounded and hurt."


Rev Carl wrote an open letter to the president explaining how the consequences of his tweet made him feel.


"Although I was an accidental casualty caught in the cross-fire of your 'lightweight' tweet, your attack was very purposeful and hurtful," he said.

"Our words overflow from our hearts and can quickly evidence the health or sickness of our souls. Your heart must be in a dangerous place to have such a consistent flow of defamation and disrespect towards so many."

He also urged the president to be slow to tweet, apologise more, choose kindness and exercise humility.

"It is wonderful that you want to communicate frequently with your constituency and the world. Exercise self-control and be more patient and selective with your correspondence," he said.

"You called an experienced reporter a 'lightweight'. Let's be honest, you are a lightweight too. We all are.

"God is the only heavyweight who knows it all and gets it right all the time. That should keep things in perspective for all of us. You are not the ultimate Commander-In-Chief. May we all be reminded of our national motto, 'In God We Trust' and be more faithful to Him."

Rev Carl signed the letter: "Sincerely, Jonathan Carl, A Lightweight Husband, Father, Pastor, and Latest Trump-Tweet Casualty."

Listen to Premier's Tola Mbakwe speaking with Rev Carl here:

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