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Pope Francis: Taking photos during Mass is an 'awful thing'

Thu 09 Nov 2017
By Tola Mbakwe

Pope Francis has told off priests and bishops who take pictures during Mass instead of focusing their "hearts on God".

During his weekly Mass at St. Peter's Square on Wednesday he said: "The priest says 'lift up your hearts'. He does not say, 'lift up your mobile phones to take pictures'. "

In front of tens of thousands of people he added that using smartphones during the prayer service was an "awful" and "very ugly thing".

Pope Francis said: "It makes me very sad when I celebrate (Mass) here in the piazza or in the basilica and I see so many phones held up.

"Not only by the faithful, but also by some priests and even bishops.

"The Mass is not a show...so remember, no phones".

His remarks were met with laughter and a round of applause from the big crowd.

According to the Catholic News Service, His call to abandon smartphones during Mass was part of a new series of audience talks on the Mass.

The initiative is aimed at helping people "understand the true value and significance of the liturgy as an essential part of growing closer to God".

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