Pope to visit Turkey

Wed 10 Sep 2014
By Marcus Jones

It’s hoped Pope Francis could visit the Iraq border to show solidarity with persecuted Christians during his trip to Turkey in November.

The pontiff will be in Turkey at the end of the month to celebrate the feast of St. Andrew, considered the patron saint of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.

Pope Francis has already said in the past he would like to visit Iraq to see for himself the plight of up to 100,000 Christians who are being persecuted by self proclaimed ‘Islamic State’ militants.

The trip to Turkey has been confirmed by Catholic news service, The Crux, which claims he’ll meet the country’s president.

In August the Pope said during a press conference he would like to visit Iraq but has never been this close to the country since.

There are Iraqi refugees in Turkey and it’s reported the Pope will try and meet with some of them.

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