A Bible said to have been signed by Donald Trump and sold on eBay for $325, is fake, three authenticators have said. More

The City of Montreal in Canada has announced that it will remove the crucifix that has hung in its council chamber for more than 80 years. More

A tornado tore through Mt Zion Baptist Church in Kentucky last Thursday, yet all 40 pre-school children and 10 staff members that were inside at the time... More

A Tennessee State University American football player that suffered a severe brain injury has said his... More

The Christian owners of a Bed and Breakfast in Hawaii will have to make rooms available to LGBT couples... More

While Jerome Kunkel, 18, has not contracted the virus, he is barred from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart/Assumption... More

The Christian charity, Tearfund is asking Christians to pray as the clear-up begins after Cyclone Id... More

As the Prime Minister seeks a short Brexit delay, the European Commission president has stressed the... More

Pope Francis has declined to accept the resignation of French Cardinal Philippe Barbarin as archbishop... More

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