Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity has been removed from UNESCO's list of endangered world heritage... More

The Philistines, the people who in the Bible clashed with the Israelites on more than one occasion, have... More

A pair of tombs in a tiny cemetery in Vatican City will be opened next week to determine if they contain... More

A Catholic Indonesian woman has been accused of blasphemy after taking a dog into a mosque, sparking... More

A Pakistani pastor imprisoned and since July 2012 over sending blasphemous text messages has had his... More

A popular pastor in Nigeria has taken a "leave of absence from the pulpit" after a well-known photographer... More

More than one fifth of all church buildings in the Netherlands are no longer being used as places of... More

The Vatican has declared "unacceptable" any efforts by politicians or politicians to force priests to... More

The family of renowned Christian apologist and preacher Norm Geisler has announced his death after a... More

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