Pope Francis will visit Thailand and Japan in November in a visit expected to highlight his call for... More

The Prime Minister has appointed Rehman Chishti MP to a role which will involve implementing the report... More

A Christian library in Iraq that was set on fire during an invasion by Islamic has been reopened to the... More

Chelsea football player Olivier Giroud has guest edited a French Christian magazine. More

Pope Francis has said the UK should obey a UN resolution and return to Mauritius a disputed Indian Ocean... More

US pastor Jarrid Wilson, who was a major mental health advocate, has died at the age 30. More

The Archbishop of Canterbury has personally apologised for the 1919 massacre of hundreds of people by... More

US President Donald Trump has accidentally tweeted an insult to a pastor. More

Pope Francis celebrated Mauritius' ethnic and religious diversity during a day-long trip to the Indian... More

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