Pope Francis has accepted an invitation to speak at the European Parliament. More

Pastor Terry Jones of the group Stand Up America Now is set to burn more copies of the Islamic holy... More

The court hearing of a Christian woman facing the death penalty accused of blasphemy has been adjourned... More

The United States President has been speaking of how he intends to "degrade and ultimately destroy" an... More

It’s hoped Pope Francis could visit the Iraq border to show solidarity with persecuted Christians during... More

International lawyer and Church consultant Harry Hagopian has told Premier he's hopeful the new government... More

Aid to the Church in Need is donating almost three hundred thousand pounds to help persecuted Christians... More

A man who founded an American restaurant chain that doesn’t open on Sunday because of his religious beliefs... More

The fifth meeting of Vatican and Vietnamese officials will take place on Wednesday. More

An American mother’s been sent to prison for buying abortion pills online and giving them to her teenage... More

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