Pope Francis is said to be "greatly saddened" by the murder of three Italian nuns in the African nation... More

Pope Francis has ordered souvenir shops in and around the Vatican to stop selling scrolls blessed by... More

The church of controversial Pastor Mark Driscoll is to close three of its locations. More

There's a call for the government to offer asylum to persecuted Christians who are being forced to flee... More

A Bishop is urging people to pray for the family of three brothers who were found dead in County Cork... More

The former Israeli president wants the pontiff to create a 'United Nations of Religions' to tackle religious... More

The  head of the Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate has said The Vatican is not doing enough to combat... More

Another Christian missionary is being transferred from Liberia to the United States after he contracted... More

The Venezuelan re-write begins with the words 'Our Chavez, who art in Heaven', in reference to the country's... More

The persecution of Christians in Nigeria is not getting enough attention according to a charity. More

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