The Archbishop of Wales has hinted at the prospect of the Church eventually offering marriage to gay... More

Nearly a thousand children took weapons into their schools in Britain over the last three years. More

Two trainee priests are attempting to cycle across Wales while taking in six of the country's cathed... More

A Christian nursery nurse is bringing a case of unfair dismissal against her former employers after she... More

A Nottinghamshire vicar's been telling how he and the Bishop of Oxford were turned away from David Cameron's... More

The Prime Minister's being accused of 'alienating and dividing' British society by saying the UK is a... More

The Prime Minister's views on Christianity are being welcomed by members of his party. More

One in three British children aged eight to fifteen don't know why we celebrate Good Friday, while for... More

Brits are among the most sceptical in the world when it comes to religion. More

The Church of England's launching its Easter Twitter campaign. More

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