An actress from the newly released Marvel film Black Panther has said the set felt 'like a church'. More

A Muslim Scottish government minister is giving up Irn-Bru this Lent to raise money for persecuted C... More

More than 20,000 people have signed a petition to reinstate pastor Paul Song as a Chaplain at HMP Brixton... More

Bishop Tony Porter has supported a local brew to help local business but says he'll stick to the Yorkshire... More

A Christian primary school has come under fire for its teaching of creationism in a science class. More

Religious education came near bottom of a table of subjects which people ranked in order of importan... More

As Friday marked the Chinese New Year, celebrating the start of the Year of the Dog, a Christian charity... More

The Catholic Church has said freedom of expression is being put in danger through proposals to ban protests... More

After much encouragement from Hollywood celebrities to run for president, Oprah Winfrey has turned the... More

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