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According to Office for National Statistics -  Knife crime rocketed by 22 per cent across England and Wales in the largest jump ever recorded, new figures have revealed amid a spate of stabbings in London.

Almost 40,000 offences involving knives or sharp weapons were recorded by police in 2017 – the highest level in seven years – while gun crime was up 11 per cent to 6,600 offences.

Key statistics from police recorded crimes in 2017

39,598 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument - up from 32,448 in 2016

6,604 offences involving firearms - up from 5,864 in 2016

688 homicides, including terror attacks in London and Manchester - but when the terror attacks and Hillsborough are excluded, there was a rise of 9% from 599 homicides to 653

74,130 recorded robbery offences - up from 55,824 in 2016


At least 37 people have been fatally stabbed - and 62 overall killed - in London since the beginning of the year.

Met Police records show 37, 443 recorded knife offences 

In London, the problem was even more pronounced than the rest of the country, with 12,980 knife crimes taking place in the capital - 2,452 more than the equivalent year.


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