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Rev Andy Scarcliffe

Before entering the Baptist ministry, Andy worked in bacteriology and public health. He has been in ministry for nearly forty years. He trained at Spurgeon's college, and has served four churches - three in Edinburgh and one in Stafford. He also spent four years as Mission Advisor to the Baptist Union of Scotland. He retired in 2018.

He has been involved in music since teenage years. In his first church he formed a band which played pubs, clubs, churches and prisons throughout Scotland. He was determined to make connections with people with no faith background. 

He is married to Moira and since retirement plays the Edinburgh open mic circuit, as well as spending more time with his three granddaughters, three sons and their partners.

He still enjoys preaching and leading worship, though he claims to be totally out of touch with the new worship songs. "I'm still stuck in the eighties with early Vineyard music" he says.

He lives near Edinburgh. This is his first excursion into the world of Radio.

When he gets a chance he likes to relax, saving the world playing first person shooter computer games. "Since premier called me, and radio has taken over my life, that particular avenue of pleasure has been closed off" he jokes. He presents Mosaic.


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