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Roger Bolton is so old he can remember when Cilla Black was Priscilla White and Ringo Starr was Richard... More
Rev Simon Carver is Inspirational Breakfast's resident film buff. When not in the cinema - chomping popcorn... More
Simon Ward MBE is new to the world of radio presenting. Until 2016, his day job was as Chief Operating... More
Sir Jeremy Cooke and Ranti Williams come together to present the In The Dock show sponsored by ADF More
Steve Maltz is an author and web consultant. He has written 23 books, including "God's Signature", "Outcast... More
Stuart and Jill were born in England, he in Cumbria in 1930, and Jill in Liverpool in 1935. They married... More
Dr Terry Boyle servers as Pastor for Insight for Living UK. His ministry involves teaching a weekend... More
Tom Ward is the National Director and radio voice of Good News Broadcasting. More
Tony Miles
The Revd Tony Miles can be heard presenting the Saturday Quiet Time each week and is also the host of... More
The ministry of Watchman Nee has been nourishing and edifying seeking believers throughout the earth... More